‚If you don't know where you are going, you might never get there.'
(Mark Twain, American author)

It's never an easy task ot open up a new perspective for yourself and for your business. Even less so when you can already sense a crisis coming and when you are feeling left alone with all your questions and worries. In such moments it is a relief to have somebody at your side who supports you in finding new ways. Somebody who acts on eye level and who encourages you to stand up and change it for the better.

At Team U we always start with a precise analysis of the situation as it is: Where exactly did you get to at this stage? What are your biggest threats and challenges? What are your biggest opportunities and your ideas for a new direction? In everything we do we look at the person, the human being behind the business man. We strongly believe that at the base of a successful business there has to be a strong and solid personality.

Team U will guide you through this difficult time, not only by providing professional advice and emotional support but also with concrete actions: We will help you define the right strategies or if needed, we can accompany you when speaking to the bank and/or investors for example.

Based on this we will take it a step further: Would you like to / is it recommendable to install a continuous coaching process for you? Can we support you and/or your employees in the role of an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) consultant? Are there any public funds that you can apply for to help the financing?


We need to raise funds to be able to increase discussion, organise forums like ‚insolvency anonymous' and maintain our hotline. We are very grateful for any kind of contribution.

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