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Team U - Restart gGmbH (limited liability company)
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50667 Köln

Management: Attila von Unruh, Jürgen Vollberg

Registration Number: HRB 87588
TAX ID: 212/5815/0799
VAT Number: DE 302355353

Team U – Die Turnaround Berater GmbH
Markmannsgasse 7
50667 Köln

Management: Attila von Unruh, Jürgen Blass

Registration Number: HRB 87156
TAX ID: 220/5866/0809
VAT Number: DE296703497

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Phone: +49 221 / 99 98 34 - 00
Fax: +49 221 / 99 98 34 - 10

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We need to raise funds to be able to increase discussion, organise forums like ‚insolvency anonymous' and maintain our hotline. We are very grateful for any kind of contribution.

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